Power Washing in Pittsburgh, PA

In Pittsburgh, PA, power washing can eliminate most, if not all grit and grime and leave your building looking brand new. Let L A Sebastian Painting Inc help you keep your building looking fresh. Prep for a new exterior paint project or prevent damage to your building's exterior, deck, or driveway caused by mold or mildew.

Ready To Paint Your House?

The outside luster of your building can become diminished over time as a fine layer of dirt and/or pollen builds up. You can count on the experts at L A Sebastian Painting Inc to power wash your building to remove dirt and grime. Power washing is the fundamental first step of any exterior painting project. At L A Sebastian Painting Inc we know how to get your building ready for painting. Call today at 412-672-3886 to get a free estimate.

Hard To Treat and Delicate Surfaces

  • Concrete: We power wash CMU surfaces to remove loose peeling paint and chalkiness from buildings
  • Brick: We thoroughly wet brick surfaces before applying intense pressure or detergents. Evenly soaking and then spraying water from the bottom to the top of your house will prevent drip marks. Detergent designed for cleaning brick or exterior siding is used to remove dirt, mildew, and mold. For tough stains, we use a rotary scrub brush in the power washing process. This is a less abrasive technique than using water at high pressure and reduces streaking. Once the brick is thoroughly clean a light shower of water is used to rinse your brick without removing any mortar.
  • If you've got a pressure washing project you need to complete in Pittsburgh, PA, McKeesport, PA, Morgantown, WV, Parkersburg, WV, Youngstown, OH, Canton, OH or other areas of the Pittsburgh area, give L A Sebastian Painting Inc a call today. We'll be happy to give you a free quote for the services you are requesting.

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